Photo of Souptik Debnath

Souptik Debnath

UX/UI Designer


I am a UX/UI designer based in India. I provide creative design services since 2020.

I help startups and creative individuals to build epic content and engaging user interfaces. The experience I create is clean, meaningful, and simple.

My goal is not just to create interfaces, but to improve the whole user experience. I belive a great product can only be created by a team of dedicated individuals 👾


These are the things I tinker with over the course of my day;

  • Badminton 🏸
  • Books 📚
  • Memes 💀
  • Reading Case Studies 💼


Currently I design at Fueler, where we are building portfolio platform for generalists.

For more details feel free to reach out and I'll be happy to provide a more in-depth overview.